Making an Italian style Cornerless Bass
By Ken McKay

Getting In Shape

after lengtening the bass

The bottom right photo is the final shape.
Now I am satisfied with the overall shape of this bass and luckily my back and topwood will accomodate this length change.  

Some examples of fine cornerless basses

Below, Ken Smith's bass attributed to Lorenzo Storiani is in the center and
on the left is Stefano Sciachia's bass attributed to Ruggeri.  the Lemur bass that was in the Elgar book is shown on the right.

                                 MaestroKen SmithLemur

                                    Measurements unknown                       UB 19 7/8, CB 16 3/8, LB 27          UB 15 1/2,  CB 13 1/2, LB 26                                   spanishspanish back
Spanish made bass
whoa, now thats odd!

                                                                                attributed to testori                                   dodi                                                                                                                            
                                                                           Testore attributed bass                                   Dodi  1853                                                                                                                                                                      From the "Looking At The Double Bass" book
                                                                     This is a nice shape and what I                                  By Elgar                                                                                
                                                                am designing my bass shape after.    



Grillo on the left and Imusici on the right

Guisseppi Baldontoni fecit Anconi 1850



Stolen Vincenzo Lucarini 1850 in Faentae, if you know anything contact +39-347-7882618

See Ken Smiths Bass forum for the text and original resouces for some of these photos.  And a discussion about them at Here


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